Innovative Concrete Coatings


Innovative Concrete Coatings is the flooring side of Innovative Technologies. From garage floors to driveways to industrial flooring, our staff has the knowledge and experience to get you the flooring you need for a price you’ll be happy with.

Garage Floors

Our custom garage floor coatings are so durable they can withstand any traffic and won’t stain, crack or scratch. Choose from different patterns, textures, colors, designs and more to create your own unique garage floor.

Polished Concrete

Polished concrete is without a doubt becoming our most popular choice for industrial, commercial and residential flooring. These beautiful, long lasting and maintenance-free floors are event environmentally friendly.

Decorative Epoxy

Our Decorative Epoxy floor coatings are quickly becoming some of our favorites to work on. Choose from any of our metallic epoxy options or from our flake floor options.

Industrial & Commercial

Our Industrial and Commercial floor coatings come chemical resistant and can stand up to even the coldest weather. And with the colors and options we have available, your floor will fit right into its surroundings.

Concrete Countertops

We’re not just about floors. We can even create you the perfect centerpiece for your kitchen or anywhere else you need custom countertops. Call us today for more information on our countertop solutions.

Sealers & Hardeners

Densified concrete is a good flooring choice because the dense surface offers little place to harbor microbes or allergens. It’s also easy to keep clean without solvents or other harsh chemicals.

Concrete Portfolio