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Our vision at Innovative Technologies is to be the partner of choice for high quality parts & services by continuing to make advancements in our products to establish ourselves as a nationwide leader.


Our mission at Innovative Technologies is to provide efficient and effective solutions while keeping our customers at top priority.


After working hands on in the ethanol industry for many years, Nick Skow founded Innovative Technologies in 2013. Focusing his sights on Industrial mechanic work on centrifuges for the renewable energy industry. A Centrifuge is a machine with a rapidly rotating container in which applies centrifugal force to its contents, separating liquids from solids in the ethanol production process. Innovative Technologies has since become a nationwide leader in its field and operates out of a new facility fit to serve all customers needs. Offering on-site repairs and in-shop rebuilds to provide the highest quality workmanship and efficiency.


Nick Skow


Phone: (319) 325-4468
Email: nick@inn-technologies.com

Jason Rangel

V.P. of Operations

Phone: (515) 890-2385
Email: jason@inn-technologies.com

Luke Wall

General Manager

Phone: (515) 208-5135
Email: luke@inn-technologies.com

Nate Pohl

Inventory & Sourcing Specialist

Phone: (515) 480-7277
Email: nate@inn-technologies.com

Kelsey McGough

Office Manager

Email: kelsey@inn-technologies.com

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